These are the rules for our community

Insta-ban will be given for:

  • Any form of racism, or trash talk.
  • Any form of hacking / cheating / exploiting.


  • Keep the game enjoyable for others. Remind your fellow survivors about this.

  • Help your fellow survivors! <3

  • Don't block access to public places with buildings, turrets, or dinos. Public places include: important resource spots (i.e. the vulcano entrance,...etc), Spawn points, Obelisks, mission terminal.

  • No exsasive spamming (Maximum 20 foundation from your Turret Tower)

  • No massive bases (use common sense).

  • Only 1 Tribe base and 1 TP Allowd in any server

  • No Open World Turret Battery (YOU OR YOUR HOLE TRIBE WILL GET LIMITED TIME OUT FOR THIS) if you want to raid some or pvp with drop your FoB

  • No Teaming Against one Tribe

rules may change at any given day stay informed by check this page when announcment published in discord